moving meditations for the Digital Age


from the level of the heart

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the flagship experience

7flow® is a moving meditation set to music designed to calibrate the energy in your body to flow in harmony with the highest vibration of your heart.

It’s not yoga or Zumba. There aren’t complicated poses or dance moves to learn, and people of all physical abilities can participate.

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the music is the medicine

The music in 7flow is designed around the frequencies occurring naturally in your body’s seven main energy centers. As you move to the music and focus on your breath, your body is recalibrated to harmonize at the level of your heart.

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what to expect in class

We practice with our eyes closed and you just focus on your breath—letting the music move your body as much or as little as you want. As different sensations are activated in your body, you simply breathe and keep moving, allowing the music to fine-tune your vibration and shift you into alignment with the highest energy of your heart.

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